Q-BOL Activities

QBOL Activities:

  • Assemble all relevant collections of quarantine organisms available in EU and third countries and make them available.
  • Investigate which and how many genes are required to identify quarantine organisms of each type (fungi, arthropods, bacteria, nematodes, viruses and phytoplasmas) using barcode sequences and generate these barcodes for the relevant taxa. 
  • Develop methods for effective amplification and storage of rare DNA samples, develop bioinformatics tools and a database system to enable the storage of relevant metadata for quarantine plant pathogens plus their relatives. This database system will allow links to the GenBank, EMBL and sister databases for storage of barcode sequences. 
  • Evaluation and validation of the developed DNA barcoding protocols and the use of DNA barcoding as a diagnostic tool by phytosanitary end-users like national reference labs (NRLs).  
  • The results obtained by QBOL will be disseminated to future end-users all over the world. Therefore mandated labs in EU and third countries will be trained and a final workshop and symposium will be organised in 2012.

QBOL Coordination:

The QBOL project is divided into several activities which are being coordinated by the QBOL consortium partners: