Q-bank: the QBOL databases

Within WP 9 ‘DNA barcode library / Database / Informatics’ six databases have been built for the different groups of organisms (fungi, arthropods, bacteria, nematodes, viruses and phytoplasmas).

The web based public database system called Q-bank can be reached through the link: www.q-bank.eu.

The Q-bank online databases contain scientific, morphological, physiological and molecular data including pictures on which correct taxonomic identification of included quarantine plant pathogen can be performed. Polyphasic identifications will be possible for some of the included organisms.

The database will be linked to other database systems such as Genbank, EMBL, BOLD and GBIF.

Where appropriate Q-bank is also linked to other databases containing relevant information for plant pathogenic quarantine organism such as EPPO and CABI.

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