QBOL/EPPO meeting 2012

QBOL was presented at the combined QBOL-EPPO meeting on DNA Barcoding and Diagnostic Methods on 21-25 May in Haarlem.

In different sessions the WP leaders of QBOL presented their work within QBOL. All DNA barcodes will be disseminated through the database Q-bank (www.q-bank.eu). On the last day of the conference coordinator of QBOL, Peter Bonants, gave an overview presentation of QBOL for the different stakeholders. Also representatives of EPPO, IPPC, EU-DG Sanco, growers, inspection services, Q-bank, etc. showed how important correct identification and detection tools are for trade.

The final QBOL-EPPO conference in May 2012 resulted in a number of recommendations to ensure proper further development, validation and effective and reliable use of tests ensuring a strong infrastructure in plant health.