Q-lists - Urgently wanted specimen

QBOL has put a lot of effort into obtaining the relevant species for the project. Some species were easier to obtain than others and more specimens of the species are still needed to investigate the intraspecies variation.

Therefore a list of Urgently Wanted Specimen has been compiled and has been distributed to relevant people.


QBOL will generate barcode sequences for quarantine species and closely related species (look alikes). To realise this QBOL has established prioritized lists of the quarantine organisms relevant for the EU to be barcoded. These taxon sampling  lists – Q-lists – are now available as PDF-documents.
Taxon (PDF downloads) Coordination and contact
Fungi Dr. Ewald Groenewald Central Bureau of Fungal Cultures, the Netherlands e.groenewald@cbs.knaw.nl
Arthropods Dr. Jean-Yves Rasplus National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), France rasplus@supagro.inra.fr
Bacteria Dr. Martine Maes Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), Belgium martine.maes@ilvo.vlaanderen.be
Nematodes Dr. Juerg Frey Agroscope Changins-Waedenswil Research Station (ACW), Switzerland juerg.frey@acw.admin.ch
Viruses Dr. Neil Boonham FERA (Food and Environment Research Agency), United Kingdom neil.boonham@fera.gis.gov.uk
Phytoplasmas Dr. Mogens Nicolaisen University of Aarhus, Denmark mogens.nicolaisen@agrsci.dk

The actual lists need filling up. More isolates are needed to boost the number of strains and species in the databases. Do you have material that is not yet mentioned in these Q-lists? Please contact one the QBOL taxon coordinators.