Training courses

Within WP 10 'Dissemination' seven training courses were organised all over the world for members of NPPO-organisations.

During a three days course participants have been trained in the different aspects of DNA barcoding for different groups of organisms (fungi, arthropods, bacteria, nematodes, viruses and phytoplasmas).

Materials and protocols were sent by Bart van den Vossenberg of the Dutch Plant Protection Service to each training venue.

The training courses were organized for members of NPPO's to gain knowledge on DNA barcoding as a diagnostic tool for plant pathogenic quarantine organisms.

Venue countries were: South Africa, India, China, Honduras, Kenya, Peru and Netherlands. Training courses have been organized in South Africa (November 2011), Honduras and China (December 2011), Kenya (January 2012), The Netherlands  and Peru (February 2012) and India (March 2012).

The training (3 days) included:

  • Presentations of the different WPs of QBOL
  • DNA extractions for different specimens
  • Barcode amplification PCRs from different DNA samples
  • Sequence analysis of different PCR amplicons
  • Database search in q-bank

Partner 10 of the QBOL consortium CIP (International Potato Center) organized these training courses outside Europe in collaboration with the host institute. In Europe the Dutch Plant Protection Service and Plant Research International have organized the course.